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Why Your Reception Needs Los Angeles BBQ Wedding Catering
June 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of bbq wedding catering in los angeles.

Creating a fun, memorable reception can become the greatest source of stress for couples on their wedding day. There’s pressure to make everything not only perfect but trendy, creative, and personal. Beneath the seating arrangements and centerpieces, there’s also the low-key anxiety of bringing your friends and extended family together. But, there’s a secret hack for hosting a once-in-a-lifetime event. You can help everyone feel comfortable and create fond memories for your loved ones by serving BBQ wedding catering for your LA reception.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should hire a BBQ caterer for your Los Angeles wedding.

Host a personalized, authentic reception to set everyone at ease.

Food is a central part of any wedding reception. Unfortunately, it’s also a tricky aspect of the party to get right. One of the biggest sources of stress is finding a caterer that gets to know you and your partner as a couple. You want to work with a professional who will help you choose a menu that not only tastes incredible but is authentic and welcoming to your guests.

BBQ wedding catering in Los Angeles is unpretentious while being delicious and inviting.

Select a menu you know everyone will love.

The Butler’s Pantry caterers understand how special it is to plan a wedding reception. We work with our clients to help them select a menu suitable for all their friends and family, including those with dietary restrictions, vegetarians, and vegans.

Our famous dinner menus include BBQ favorites like ribs, roast chicken, and fried fish. Clients choose from traditional Southern sides like fried okra, sauteed rainbow chard, mac & cheese, and potato salad.

Get unpretentious food presented with impeccable service.

No matter how good the food, without precision service, it will fall flat. A BBQ wedding caterer in Los Angeles provides the perfect service to support a menu of incredible food. They’ll perfectly time your guests’ meals––no matter how large your reception.

Chef T, the executive chef of the Butler Pantry, began her career working in five-star restaurants. Her experience ensures every catered wedding reception feels like a meal in one of the best restaurants in the world.

Bring your family together for the first time with a BBQ menu.

One of the nerve-wracking aspects of a wedding reception is bringing together your extended family and friends for the first time. So naturally, you want people to feel comfortable socializing, eating, and dancing together.

BBQ is social. Serving ribs and fried chicken lets your guests know it’s okay to relax and be themselves. Exquisite food, beautifully plated, with gold-star service, is the perfect backdrop for creating lifelong memories.

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Leave everyone with the sweetest memories with a dessert bar.

It’s a universal truth that everyone loves a great dessert. So while your wedding cake is an essential part of the wedding reception, individual desserts leave your guests with sweet memories of the event.

Rather than prolong dinner with an additional course, BBQ wedding catering in Los Angeles can set up a dessert bar. Pick out your favorite Southern flavors to offer, including 7-up cake, apple pie, peach cobbler, and sweet potato pie.

Get exceptional service and delicious BBQ wedding catering in Los Angeles when you place an order with The Butler Pantry.

Natasha Butler, our executive chef, boasts 20 years of experience in the catering industry, guided by training at Le Cordon Bleu and years on the Wolfgang Puck Oscar team. She brings exceptional talent, skill, and commitment to every meal service The Butler Pantry provides.

Set your LA wedding reception apart by serving BBQ. Review our catering menus and reach out to our wedding catering team, and start planning your special day.