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Reasons to use Catering Services for Thanksgiving
November 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Reasons to use meal prep services for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, above many other holidays, is all about eating. The turkey, after all, is the focal point of the dinner table for many of us each year and everything else is meant to complement the main dish. After going through the hours of prep work that go into making a Thanksgiving feast, it’s not uncommon for the chef to feel burnt out and not want to eat. Did you know that you can save yourself stress and burnout by hiring a catering services? Here at The Butler Pantry LA, we can take the hard part out of your holiday feast and make it much easier on you. If hiring catering services isn’t something you’ve thought about, let us give you a few reasons why you should.

Saves time

Prepping for a holiday meal takes a considerable amount of time before a single ingredient is even put into a mixing bowl. You’re going to have to decide which dishes you want at your table, how much you need, and find specific recipes that you want to use for each. If you’re planning to have more than five people at your dinner, this will take time and effort that you might not have with your busy schedule. Save yourself some time with catering services.

Reduced stress

Planning and cooking a meal is stressful, especially when it’s the size and scope of Thanksgiving dinner. It involves having to think about when you want everybody to sit down for dinner, then strategically working backward with every dish that you want cooked and ready to eat at that time. This process involves a lot of meticulous planning to ensure that everything goes in when it’s supposed to and you have to count on nothing else coming up during that time. With catering services, you can leave that to somebody else and not have to worry about a thing.

Avoid the grocery store

If you’ve ever been to the grocery store around the holidays, you know how much of a zoo it can be. This is especially true with Thanksgiving as the feast is the center of how most people celebrate the holiday. Rather than having to hunt down the last can of cranberry sauce on your own, you can have somebody else take on the crowds for you. This gives you more time to do things that you enjoy around the holidays like putting your feet up and relaxing with good company.

Trying something new

The holidays are a great time to include a new dish that you or your family have never tried before because there’s often enough other food to take its place if you don’t like it. With help from meal prep services, you can try new foods without having to experiment with an unfamiliar recipe. It’s a great way to encourage kids and other family members to try traditional foods that you wouldn’t typically include with your family dinner.

More time to socialize

Holidays are about spending time with family. Yes, we gather around the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and whatever else you have and share conversation, but it’s nice to share time away from the table so you can maximize the short amount of time that you spend together.

Place your order today

Get a head start on Thanksgiving and place your order today with our catering services. Our team at The Butler Pantry LA can help to make you and your family a delicious Thanksgiving dinner so you can avoid the hassle of shopping and cooking while enjoying good company. Give us a call at 323-538-4404 or send a message using our online contact form to get started.