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How The Butler Pantry can help with your corporate holiday party
November 28, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Corporate holiday party catering event with champagne

The holiday season is the perfect time for your professional team to come together and enjoy the festivities after a year of hard work. Being assigned the task of planning an annual holiday party is however, a big responsibility. Between the food, decorations, and invitations, organizing a highly anticipated event is no small feat.

Professional corporate event catering takes much of the stress out of the party planning process. The key is to find a catering company that offers great food, friendly service, and all the tools you need to make your event a success. At The Butler Pantry, we set the stage for our clients to relax and enjoy their meticulously planned event while we do all the heavy lifting.

If you are getting ready to plan your corporate holiday party, there is no reason to take on all the stress by yourself. Continue reading to learn how The Butler Pantry corporate event catering services can help you make your corporate holiday party an event to remember.


Event organizers often become overwhelmed and forget to arrange one or more important elements of their holiday party. Whether it be the music, bags of ice, bar kit, or party decorations, one oversight can really take away from an event. With the help of a trusted catering company like The Butler Pantry, event organizers can cut their to-do list in half and let us handle the most important items on it.

Experienced wait staff

Once you’ve gone to all the trouble of laying out the perfect party spread for your corporate event, it’s difficult to stay on top of drink refills, clear plates as they pile up, and making sure everyone has something to eat. With the help of our professional wait staff at The Butler Pantry, all of your guests will be looked after, adding an elegant feel to your event.

No dirty dishes

One of the worst parts of the cleanup process following a party is all the dirty dishes. Looking around at the accumulating mess can also take away from your enjoyment as a party host. If your event takes place in your place of work, things will need to be tidied up promptly to prepare for the following work day. When you hire a catering company, you will be provided with all of the necessary dishes, glassware, and cutlery. Rest assured, all dirty dishes will be out of sight by the time we leave your venue.

Customized menus

Preparing the menu for a holiday event can be a challenge when it comes to addressing dietary restrictions. Whether you have guests with nut allergies, gluten intolerances, or some of your party-goers are vegetarians, everyone should have something to indulge in. Unless you are a trained chef, it can be difficult to juggle all of these restrictions and find the time to prepare a variety of specialized recipes. At The Butler Pantry, we are happy to accommodate the needs of our clients, so that all of your guests have delicious options to choose from at your event.

Multiple serving options

The two most practical approaches to events that lack professional help are potlucks or a collection of appetizers that can be left out for hours without reheating or refrigeration. There are, however, a variety of other serving approaches that may be more suitable depending on the vision you have for your event. Consider a plated, multi-course dinner for a touch of elegance, or request a series of hors d'oeuvres to be passed around the venue periodically throughout the evening.

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