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How to Create a Memorable Corporate Event
June 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Conference event prior to corporate lunch catering service

Hosting a corporate event for your professional community can serve as an opportunity for employees to learn new skills, network, and find new inspiration. It is also a great way to show your professional team how valued they are within your organization. Careful planning is therefore necessary to meet your objectives and ensure your staff gets the most out of your corporate event.

Our team at The Butler Pantry has provided corporate lunch catering services for countless professional events in California. Consequently, we have seen first-hand what makes these events memorable for attendees. Below we have listed a few items that we recommend adding to your corporate event planning checklist.

Bring in interesting speakers

For many corporate event-goers, one of the most memorable elements is the influential people who are invited to speak. Whether it be the founder of your organization, a reputable business consultant, or an admired leader in your field, effective speakers are sure to engage the crowd. Hearing from those who are more advanced in their industry could also motivate attendees to build on their skills and expand their company knowledge.

Hire a great caterer

Every high-quality professional event requires a corporate lunch catering service that will leave an impression on attendees. Not only should your caterer offer the experience necessary to adhere to a strict event schedule, but they should also offer a range of diverse menu options fit for various food sensitivities and preferences. Chef Notasha Butler has catered for corporate events of all sizes in Los Angeles. We will work with you to ensure a successful lunch service and an appropriate menu according to your unique requirements. Rest assured, our highly trained team is the perfect addition to a polished, corporate atmosphere.

Facilitate networking opportunities

One of the most practical elements of a corporate event is having the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. Networking with people in your industry can lead to future business endeavors, greater collaboration, and more. It is also important for employees to interact with executives in their organization. Even a few minutes of face time with the leaders of a company can inspire, motivate, and align staff members to their workplace in a more profound way. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of event organizers to create meaningful opportunities where people are encouraged to network. Catered, sit-down lunches are often the best way to facilitate this.

Book suitable accommodations

Choosing low-quality accommodations for your professional team to occupy during a multi-day corporate event can distract from the quality of the event as a whole. If your employees are required to travel to attend an event, they should be able to rest in safe, comfortable accommodations that are easy to access from your event venue. Many corporate events take place directly inside hotels or resorts. If this is the case, it is important to block off rooms well in advance.

Choose a lively location

If you have the choice of multiple venues, we recommend opting for a central location that is in close proximity to local attractions and entertainment. For those who have to travel to the event, it will make the entire experience more enjoyable. Corporate event-goers often like to take their networking outside of the event space, which is why it is ideal to have dining options, parks, and nightlife in the area. This also gives attendees the chance to explore the city where the event is taking place.

If you are looking for top-rated corporate lunch catering services for an upcoming event, look no further than The Butler Pantry. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.