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Business Benefits of Hiring Corporate Catering Services
October 24, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Meal with salmon and zucchini

In the age of remote working, office amenities are key to drawing in potential workers. Whether it be an onsite gym or a snack filled lounge, employees are keen on amenities that make their working day all the more enjoyable. One of the most important amenities being, corporate catering services.

At The Butler Pantry, we offer top notch catering services to the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you need a delicious menu for a private event or a reliable caterer for corporate catering services in Los Angeles, Chef Notasha Butler and her expert team have got you covered. Still not convinced about corporate catering services? Read on to get to know some top business benefits of corporate catering services.

Encourage in-person collaboration

In the era of remote work office amenities are key to encouraging in-person collaboration. Workers are looking for a holistic office experience that makes them feel valued and comfortable. Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a delciouis meal for breakfast, lunch, or both. Many of the biggest corporate campuses are using amenities like corporate catering services to encourage in-person collaboration and help their employees feel valued.

At The Butler Pantry, we offer delicious, home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients. We offer a variety of menu options for everything from breakfast to lunch to specialty events. You can customize what you want to offer your employees via selecting from our menu options and developing a corporate catering plan.

Time-saving and increase in productivity

Corporate catering services in Los Angeles save so much time for employees, allowing them to channel their time and efforts into more productive measures. When meals are brought in or close to your company premises, your employees do not have to leave the building or even the office to get meals elsewhere. This can all but eliminate the risk of getting stuck in traffic or taking an overly long lunch.

In addition, time is not the only thing that corporate catering can save employers, corporate catering services in Los Angeles can also save on cost. Buying food in bulk can save you money in the long run, as lunch allowances can be quite pricey.

Get to know our menus

Now that we’ve outlined some of the key reasons and benefits of corporate catering services, here’s a brief download of some of our menu options for events, corporate catering, and more to get you inspired. We offer breakfast options with everything from classic pancakes, bacon, and eggs to breakfast burritos and continental breakfast. We also offer a comprehensive roster of brunch choices and lunch dishes—with everything from Chinese chicken salad to BLTs.

Our dinner menu is where we get more into sophisticated dishes, offering some of our best plates. Some favorites include our short ribs with mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed garlic green beans, Jambalaya with chicken, shrimp, and sausage, or grilled salmon with mango salsa and yellow rice and grilled veggies.

We also offer a delicious dessert bar, which is ideal for both corporate events and/or a day-to-day lunch or dinner service. Our dessert offerings range in everything from strawberries delight cake, to German chocolate cake, to peach cobbler.

Reach out for corporate catering services in Los Angeles, CA today!

Corporate catering services are ideal for a daily lunch or corporate event. If you’re interested in corporate catering services for either an event or day breakfast or lunch offering, please don’t hesitate to reach out today. Our head Chef Notasha Butler and her dedicated team are more than ready to provide you and your staff with delicious eats.

Need a little help with Thanksgiving?

Our team at The Butler Pantry knows planning a holiday menu can be stressful, so, allow us to do the work for you! We offer a delicious Thanksgiving menu to make your holiday all the more enjoyable. If you’re interested in our catering services this holiday season, reach out to us or order online now.